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Bike holidays in and around Eugendorf

A quick look at the bike map will show you the many different options you have available to you in and around Eugendorf: Radiating out in every direction, bike paths lead you through the beautiful alpine foothills. The perfect time, in other words, to hop onto the saddle and pedal off into the distance.

Biking in the midst of nature
Whether a quick ride to the nearest lake, cycling into the city of Salzburg, or a tour that fills the whole day: SalzburgerLand has so much to offer and, if you set out on two wheels, you have a lot to look forward to.

Flat Tours
Perfect for hobby cyclists and families with children. Even though you will have to pedal up the occasional hill here in Eugendorf, everything is within reason and there’s nothing too steep.

Out into the Salzkammergut
The Salzkammergut region, home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria, is just a few kilometers away. Thanks to the many lakes and mountains, you can look forward to tours of moderate difficulty that are filled with variety.

Mountains as far as the eye can see
After a short ride, you will reach the mountains of SalzburgerLand. Hardcore bikers will set out from Eugendorf, though if you would like a bit of a jumpstart, you can always take the shuttle. Once there, you will quickly accumulate vertical gains and more scenic lookout points than you could possibly imagine. If you prefer a more leisurely experience, an e-bike is always an option.

Bicycle tours close to Eugendorf
The wide range of tour choices close to Eugendorf is bound to make bike fans happy. Explore the many opportunities available to you and get ready for your next bike tour. Leaf through our catalogue of tours and look forward to your active outdoor holiday. Below you will find suggestions for bike tours close to Salzburg.

Our Recommendations:

During or after your hike, be sure to treat yourself to a well-earned break for refreshments. Be that at one of the restaurants and inns along the way, or back at your accommodations. We look forward to receiving your no-obligation enquiry and to seeing you here!

  • Easy
    • Around Salzburg
    • Wallersee Tour
  • Moderate
    • Mozart Bike Path
    • The Big Gaisberg Tour
    • Over the Heuberg
    • Around Eugendorfer Berg
  • Heavy
    • The Big Wallersee Tour

Mozart Bike Path

Through the region surrounding Salzburg and some of the most magnificent lake country in all of Austria and Bavaria.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left behind many traces in and around Salzburg. A mosaic of historically documented “Mozart Points” is interconnected by means of the Mozart Bike Path. Also crossing the border between Austria and Germany, it leads through some of the most spectacular countryside in Salzburg and Bavaria.

90% of this bike tour takes you along paved side roads.

The Mozart Bike Path is clearly and uniformly marked in both directions with the symbol of Mozart’s head. Also suitable for families.


    The Big Gaisberg Tour

    You begin with a relaxed ride from Eugendorf in the direction of Thalgau. Starting in Thalgau, you will be riding constantly up- and downhill, your journey taking you via Hof to Wiestal, through beautiful Hinterwinkl, around the Gaisberg, then dropping down to Elsbethen. From Elsbethen, you will pedal along the banks of the River Salzach through Salzburg, city of Mozart, bringing you to the Traklsteg taking you to Itzling, before returning up the Ischlerbahntrasse to Eugendorf.

    • Route55 km
    • Altitude meters700 m
    • Type of tour:Tour for road bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes

    Around Salzburg

    An easy bicycle tour along nicely maintained bike paths around the provincial capital. Mostly next to the rivers Salzach and Saalach, with countless opportunities to start or finish the tour along the way. We also recommend taking a refreshment break at one of the popular inns on the tour: the Grünauer Wirt in Wals, Gasthof Mostwastl in Gneis or Gasthaus Bräuwirt in Bergheim.

    • Route40 km
    • Altitude meters65 m
    • Distance from Eugendorf:12 km
    • Type of tour:suitable for road bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes

    Over the Heuberg

    A variety-packed tour with a challenging climb to the Daxlueg, on gravel over the Heuberg, then down a section through forest back to a paved road leading to Schwaighofen. Now a pleasant ride via Salzburg back to Eugendorf. Greeting you on the Daxlueg is a magnificent view of Salzburg City, all of Flachgau and, with good visibility, extending all the way out to Southeast Bavaria, including Waginger- and Chiemsee lakes.

    • Route23 km
    • Altitude meters450 m
    • Type of tour:for road bikes and mountain bikes

    The Big Wallersee Tour

    The Big Wallersee Tour (“Große Wallerseerunde”) is clearly signposted and intended for bikers looking for serious challenges. Beginning in Eugendorf, you will head for Seekirchen, then via a number of backroads through Haging and Unzing to Henndorf. At the foot of the Kolomannsberg, through beautiful meadows and forests, to Pfongau. Beginning in Steindorf, things turn steeper on the way to Tannberg, with your efforts finally rewarded by a wonderful panorama of the Osterhorn Group, Tennengebirge, Schafberg, Hoher Göll, Watzmann and Untersberg. Now enjoy a pleasant downhill ride, with no climbs worthy of note, before returning via Seekirchen to Eugendorf.

    • Route52 km
    • Altitude meters600 m
    • Type of tour:Tour for mountain bikes

    Wallersee Tour

    Less challenging than the bigger Wallersee tour, this particular tour takes you very close to the Wallersee shoreline and sometimes right next to the lake. The route, which is clearly signposted as the “Wallersee-Rundweg”, begins at the main swimming beach in Seekirchen (“Strandbad Seekirchen”) and leads along the western edge of the lake. This is followed by a beautiful stage through the Wenger Moor, while at the Wiererhof you are treated to a magical panoramic view across Wallersee with the Alps in the background. After the swimming area in Neumarkt, you will ride south, followed by a short, steep section to Enzing, then downhill again before reaching the swimming beach in Henndorf. In Fischtaging, you can join the Salz&Seen Tour, which is the shortest way to return to Eugendorf.

    • Route18 km
    • Altitude meters110 m
    • Distance from Eugendorf:4.7 km
    • Type of tour:Tour for trekking bikes

    Around Eugendorfer Berg

    Beginning in Eugendorf, you will ride via Kraiwiesen on quiet paved lanes to idyllic Oberplainfeld. From here, down Schwaighofen mountain, then begin a climb to Daxlueg. Here, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Salzburg city and all of Flachgau. Then, downhill towards Mayrwies, before riding along the famous Ischlerbahntrasse back to Eugendorf.

    • Route39,1 km
    • Duration2:55h
    • Altitude meters204 hm
    • Type of tour:mountain bike tour
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