Wallersee Tour

  • Route18 km
  • Altitude meters110 m
  • Distance from Eugendorf:4.7 km
  • Type of tour:Tour for trekking bikes


Less challenging than the bigger Wallersee tour, this particular tour takes you very close to the Wallersee shoreline and sometimes right next to the lake. The route, which is clearly signposted as the “Wallersee-Rundweg”, begins at the main swimming beach in Seekirchen (“Strandbad Seekirchen”) and leads along the western edge of the lake. This is followed by a beautiful stage through the Wenger Moor, while at the Wiererhof you are treated to a magical panoramic view across Wallersee with the Alps in the background. After the swimming area in Neumarkt, you will ride south, followed by a short, steep section to Enzing, then downhill again before reaching the swimming beach in Henndorf. In Fischtaging, you can join the Salz&Seen Tour, which is the shortest way to return to Eugendorf.


The Seeburg, heritage & abbey museum with restaurant.

Refreshment stops

Numerous refreshment opportunities along the entire length of the tour.

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