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Salzburgring: hot racetrack in a picturesque setting

If you ever want to experience modern or vintage vehicles in a race, or a fascinating festival with the world’s best DJs, in person and at a special location, the Salzburgring is definitely the place to be. And whether you are generally a fan of motorsports or not: The vintage cars participating in the Histo-Cup or the Gaisbergrennen are always a sight to see. 

Located close to Eugendorf, just a few minutes’ drive away, is the Salzburgring, which opened back in 1969. This racetrack east of Salzburg City is nestled picturesquely in a valley between the three villages of Koppl, Plainfeld and Hof. The Salzburgring has become famous internationally because of its fast courses and many curves which, in combination with the beautiful countryside, create an attractive atmosphere for everyone involved. 

Surrounded by 42 hectares of forest and broad meadows, every year the Salzburgring hosts motorcycle and automobile races, rallies of motor clubs, concerts, corporate presentations and other events. Whether the “Electric Love Festival” which draws party-goers in summer, or the Histo-Cup in autumn: The bandwidth of events at the Salzburgring is immense. 

Eugendorf – your ideal homebase

You can reach the Salzburgring from Eugendorf in just 15 minutes. Ideal, in other words, if you want to attend an event there. Eugendorf’s hosts invite you to stop by during your visit to the Salzburgring to enjoy the hospitality and mouthwatering culinary highlights of our region. Whether for GenussWochen or for comfortable overnight lodgings – Eugendorf is always the best choice. And whenever you are in the mood for nature or activities of whatever kind, the widest variety of excursion destinations are within easy reach of Eugendorf. 

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